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Some of the benefits are seen immediately while others are seen (or not seen) much later.

Before I explain the rest of the benefits carpet cleaning customers see from the use of a truck-mounted system, let me briefly describe how the system works. A key
element in carpet cleaning is super-heated water and steam. A truck mounted system uses the vehicle’s engine as a power source to heat and pressurize the
water for cleaning. Most truck mounted systems also have a chamber to collect dirty used water so it can be disposed of offsite.

Now let’s talk about how this kind of system benefits consumers.

  1. Cleaning Carpet: Isn’t that what it’s all about? Because the truck’s engine (or a separate engine) is used to heat the water, the water is more
    effective at cleaning the carpet. Portable units use the customer’s electrical outlets. These portable units generally lag far behind truck mounted systems
    in power and heating.
  2. Electric Bill: It is not uncommon for customers to see an increase in their electric bill after a carpet cleaning by a portable system. The amount of
    energy used is astounding and customers end up paying for it down the line.
  3. Cleanliness: Portable units often need to have their used water supply emptied in the customer’s home. Truck mounted systems store used water. This
    water store can be emptied later on at a remote site and can even be recycled.

Long Lasting Clean: Truck mounts get your carpet clean and they stay clean for longer periods of time. With the use of truck mounted carpet cleaning
the system, the customer will see fewer stains resurface.

Portable units have improved recently but truck mounted systems are still the go-to for the big time, effective carpet cleaning companies. Most carpet cleaning
companies can’t afford a truck mounted system because they can be pricey. However, legitimate, big-time, and quality cleaners do what it takes to have a
truck-mounted system to please customers. ProForce Cleaning utilizes a truck mounted system for this is the exact reason. Clean carpets lead to happy
customers. Check out our current specials and contact us today to get your carpets looking like new!